It’s all in the details, baby
Here at BRIDES, we’ve seen our fair share of weddings—and with that, just about every wedding trend in the book; the overused (hello, mason jars!), the popular (shout out to the donut bars), the classic (we’re thinking of you, rose petal littered aisles), and the unique (like dedicating your cocktail hour décor to your fur baby). It’s the latter that create a memorable and personalized touch, allowing your wedding to truly to stand out. It’s all in the details, and the more unique, the better!

But how do you decide which unique details to include—and how do you even come up them in the first place? That’s where we come in. We’ve taken a look at the creative, the inventive, and the thoughtful and compiled them all into one place, right here. Behold, 50,000+ distinctive ideas to put your own spin on. You’ll find everything from catering selections (such as food stations offering local cuisine) and personalized décor (like table runners printed with your vows) to bouquet ideas (wreaths instead, anyone?) and entertainment options (one bride and groom opted out of their first dance for a Twister game).

When it comes down to implementing unique touches in your wedding, place weight on two elements. The first? What represents you as a couple. Think back to your engagement, where you met, your first trip together, your mutual hobbies, your home state, or your heritage, and incorporate those details into the big day. The second? Your guests. While your wedding is about celebrating your legal union with your SO, it’s also very much about your guest’s comfort and enjoyment. So get creative with the favors, give them an entertaining cocktail hour, and provide them with a great dining experience.

We promise, though—these ideas do all the thinking for you!
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